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Fence Permits:  Fence permits can be obtained at the Village office for a $25.00 permit fee, prior to putting up a fence.  You must call Julie before you dig!

Building Permits:  Obtained through Sangamon County Building Safety Department, 2833 South Grand Ave East, phone 217-535-3145  ext 3724.


Service Fees   Faxes $.25/page; Copies $.10/page; Notary No Charge

Board Meetings:  

Held 1st & 3rd Tuesday at 5:30 pm  each month unless posted   differently for Election Days and Holidays.  Held at the Administration Office.


Gary Nation

Rick Larson

Streets/Equipment Trustee:  

Water Trustee:  

Muni/Recreation/Public Imp Trustee:  Michael Hoehn

Zoning & Permits Trustee:    Joe Hopkins

Police Trustee: Diana Jarrett

Public Health & Safety Trustee: Laura Tilley 

Village Board President:

Pete Ochs

Village Clerk:

Michelle Bates

Village Treasurer:

Lisa Cave

Village Attorney:

Don Craven

Chief of Police:

Tom Hiatt


Luke Barry

Aaron Everette


Village Information

JOB OPENING : Office Administrator beginning the end of July from the hours of 9am to 1pm Monday through Friday. Now accepting applications, located at the village office during business hours.

FREE    Limb pickup on the first Monday of the month from April through November, weather permitting.  Pickup materials should be set out in front of the house on the Sunday evening before pick up.  (Ord. 04-03)

NO On-street parking when 2 inches of snow or more is predicted.  Vehicles will be towed at the owners expense. (Ord. 277)

Please control your cats and dogs.  The lease law covers both.  $125 fine/release fee if captured.  Limit total possession is 5 animals. (Ords. 355; 02-03, 07-01 & 11-02)

Please have weekly garbage pick-up.  Fine $100-$750/day. (Ord. 02-06)

Please control weeds, rodents, debris.   Fine $100-$500 day.  (Ord. 00-45)  DO have property surveyed before any new fence installation.   Pools must be fenced—there are height restrictions.  Fines $50-$200/day.  (Ord. 04-02)

Please burn on designated burn days: Wednesday through Saturday between 9 am and sunset.  The wind speed should be less than 15 mph. No burning in the ditches or in the roadways.  Must be present while burning and have water available.  No burning on a holiday.  (Ord. 298)

Please don't leave abandoned or inoperable vehicles on your property or on the street. Fines $250-$750/day plus towing & attorney fees. (Ord’s 01-02, 01-03, 07-04)


We have Municipal Building Rental—Capacity 200 people with 23 tables & 170 chairs. Resident rental: Sunday—Thursday $200 per day, Friday—Saturday $325. Non-resident rental fees:  Sunday—Thursday $250 and Friday—Saturday $400.00  All rentals must also pay $200 deposit that is refundable as long as there are no damages and the muni building is clean.  Liquor liability insurance is required if alcohol is being sold.  The deposit and the liquor liability insurance must be in the name of the lessee.  Call 528-7624 to rent the building.  Address is 1620 N. Milton.

A deposit is required for all new water services.  Water bills are mailed the first working day of the month and must be paid by the last day of the month to avoid a penalty.  Penalties are automatically assessed by the computer.  If payment has not been received prior to the first working day of the new month, you will be assessed a 10% late fee and you will only have 15 days to pay the previous bill and the new bill in order to obtain water services.  NSF fees and reconnect fees may also apply.