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Municipal Building Rental

Located at 1620 North Milton, Springfield, IL 62702—Capacity 200 people with 25 tables, 170 chairs and a kitchen with a stove and refrigerator.

Resident rental: Sunday—Thursday $200 per day, Friday—Saturday $325.

Non-resident rental fees:  Sunday—Thursday $250 and Friday—Saturday $400.00 

All rentals must also pay $200 deposit that is refundable as long as there are no damages and the muni building is clean and all tables and chairs have been restacked.  

A host-liquor liability insurance is required if alcohol is being sold, naming the Village of Grandview as an additional insured for at least $100,000.  The deposit and the liquor liability insurance must be in the name of the lessee.  

Call 528-7624 to reserve your event.