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Water Department

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It is the mission of the Water Department to strive to continuously improve the quality of life for Village residents through responsive, efficient, safe, and effective delivery of services to every neighborhood and by reflecting a can do attitude with our customers.

The Water Department is one of the most important aspects of any community and yet often one of the least recognized. It could be said that the only way most people would realize the necessity of the work done by the Water Department would be if the work were not done at all. So long as the streets are maintained without potholes, parks are kept up in good condition, and water are not a problem at your house, and garbage or debris is not littering the neighborhood, most citizens have little reason to care who does the work or how it gets done. Village employees realize this and gladly accept the fact that as long as the job is well done they may quietly go about their business making their community a better place to live, work, and play.


The Water Department accepts cash, check, money orders and major credit cards.   We also provide direct pay.  You may choose one of 5 dates to have your water and sewer bill taken directly from your bank account.   This has been a great addition this year for the convenience of our residents.  If you wish to sign up for this program please feel free to download the authorization form by clicking the Direct Enrollment Form at the top of the page.  

DEPOSIT REQUIRED:   A deposit of $125.00 is required for all new homeowners.  If you are a tenant, the deposit is $125.00 IF the landlord cosigns the application with you agreeing to be bound to pay for the utilities if the tenant fails to pay.  If the landlord does not agree to join the application, then the required deposit for a new residential tenant is doubled to $250.00.  A prior customer of the Village who ceased water service from the Village but paid his or her final bill in full shall be treated as a new customer.   This amount stays on your account for 18 months of good pay or until you move.  Good pay is paying the bill in full by the last day of the month.

BILLS DUE UPON RECEIPT:    Monthly bills are due in full upon receipt.  Any bill not paid before the first working day of the succeeding month is deemed overdue and late.  Payments shall be recorded and credited to a customer’s account on the day payment is received in the office or upon the following working day if the drop box is used after 1:00 p.m.  A customer’s failure to receive a bill, or loss of a bill for any month shall not excuse non-payment.  LATE FEES:   A customer shall be assessed a late charge of 10% per month on any balance that is not paid and credited to an account before the close of books on the first working day of the succeeding month.  Partial payment by a customer does not excuse a late charge on the remaining balance.  The corporate authorities may waive late charges in the interest of fairness.   DISCONNECTION NOTICES:  A disconnection notice shall be sent to all customers owing a balance at the end of a month. Service shall be disconnected if the bill is not paid in full, including current and past due charges, within 10 days of mailing of the notice,or payment arrangements are made as set forth in the shutoff notices. RECONNECTION CHARGES:   When water service is discontinued, a $50.00 reconnection fee must be paid before service will be restored during regular working hours.  The reconnection fee shall be $100.00 in the event restoration of service is made on holidays, weekends, or before or after regular working hours.


These policies are in Ordinance 342, dated June 20, 1995.  The Office Administrator can not change these policies.  It is the Administrator’s job to record payments, send bills and notices.  

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